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Services related to fire safety: 

  • Fire Safety Management.

  • Technical assurance review.

  • Fire hazard & risk assessment.

    • Hazard identification.

    • Fire hazard survey and review.

    • Fire & explosion modeling​.

    • Fire & explosion risk assessment. 

    • Event Tree Analysis (ETA).

    • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA).

  • Fire protection philosophy and strategy.

  • Ignition control.

    • Hazardous Area Classification.

    • Ignition control measures.

  • Operational Assessment of Fire Protection Systems.

  • Hydraulic calculations.

  • Firewater hydraulic flow test.

  • Reliability analysis.

  • Fire protection systems design.

  • Fire protection systems performance standards.

  • Performance-Based Design (PBD).

  • Escape & evacuation analysis.

  • Fire safety audits.

  • Code and standard review (e.g., NFPA, IFC, API).

  • Passive fire protection review.

  • Emergency Response and business continuity plans.

Download our Fire Protection Engineering Service Overview

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